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Terms and conditions of use

  • The terms “”, and its services offered through this site.
  • The company is headquartered in Tazlau Boulevard, Nr. 1, Et.4, Ap.19, County Cluj, Romania
  • The term “User” means all authorised and / or legal persons who access and use the website, for whatever reason.
  • The terms “Terms & Conditions”, “Ad posting principles”, “Safety data”, “Data security explanations” are used to designate this contract of use. By accessing you are agreeing to the terms above, which are used to ensure that the site works for everyone.

Using reserves the right to modify, change, remove or add terms and conditions to this regulation, including, but not limited to: terms, applicable fines / charges, operating / use policies. may benefit from this right without prior notice or heads up. Regardless of prior notice, your continued use of the Services constitutes your agreement to such changes. The regular verification of the changes in this Regulation, as well as the correctness of the contact details provided by you are entirely your responsibility. By filling in the registration form, click on the “Register” button and then by activating by e-mail sent by to the address provided by you:

  • Is a guarantee that you are a legal person, that you are over 16 years old and implies full acceptance of this contract. In the event that you have not reached the age of 16, you will be able to access the website provided only if you present the agreement of a holder of parental responsibility. If you represent a legal entity, partnership or any other legal form of organization in accordance with trade standards your registration is a guarantee.
  • You agree to provide in the registration form correct, clear and real information and any other type of information necessary for the payment conditions and commit to update this information correctly and permanently.
  • Represents and warrants that you have the authority to use the Services in accordance with these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the Terms or any other changes, your only option is to opt out of this Service.


If a parent or tutor becomes aware that his or her children have provided their personal data to the Company, he or she must immediately inform the Company. If the Company discovers that a person under the age of 16 has provided him / her with personal data, he / she will destroy this information on his / her servers immediately, unless the parent or tutor gives his / her explicit consent to the processing by the parent. company of the child’s personal data for the specified purposes.

Acceptance of the use contract and changes

This agreement applies to the website, its services and its content. The website, services and content are offered to you conditioned to your acceptance without any change in the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document, do not use and the services provided through it. By using the site, you indicate that you agree to abide by our “Terms & Conditions”, “Ad Posting Principles”, “Safety Data”, “Data Security Explanations”. may revise this document at any time by updating this page. We recommend that you visit this page periodically to read the “Terms & Conditions” as this document is legal. Your continued use of the services of constitutes your acceptance of any changes to this agreement.

Description of services

You understand and agree that the services are provided “as is”. The services offered by are specifically addressed to Internet users in Europe and are divided into 2 categories: free and for a fee.

  • Free services are represented by several facilities, available online:
  • • The possibility of simple, advanced search, viewing, saving ads
  • • The ability to set search alerts for ad categories that are of interest to the user
  • • The possibility of contact of other users
  • Paid services refer to the display on the site of the accepted forms of advertising and to the promotion through informative e-mails of the services of the company’s customers.

User responsibilities

As a user, you are responsible for your own actions and the consequences that they may have, following the publication of the materials you upload, make available publicly on your Cantical account, even without being registered when you activate. the announcement by email received from

You must not do the following:

  1. To publish copyrighted material, if you are not the author or if you do not have the author’s permission to publish that material;
  2. Publish obscene, defamatory, threatening or malicious material against another user, legal person;
  3. Post ads with illegal content;
  4. Post ads containing surcharged telephone numbers as contact information;
  5. Publish material containing viruses, worms or other programs with the intent to destroy any system or information;
  6. Upload, post, broadcast or otherwise transmit any content for which you do not have the legal right to transmit or broadcast under any conditions, under any legal system, Romanian or foreign, contractual or trusting relationships (such as confidential information, those contained under property rights, which are or are disclosed as part of the service relationship or which are covered by confidentiality agreements);
  7. Upload, post, broadcast or otherwise transmit any type of advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail”, “spam”, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other form of solicitation;
  8. Have multiple addresses within the site that are similar or created on the same theme;
  9. Promote or provide information on the conduct of illegal activities, promote physical or verbal harm against any group or person, or promote any act of cruelty to animals. This may include, but is not limited to, providing information on how to manufacture, purchase or assemble bombs, grenades or other types of weapons and the creation of “crush” sites;
  10. Post, disseminate or otherwise transmit personal data (name, address, telephone numbers) or record them in fields that can be viewed by other users (descriptions, aliases, etc.)
  11. Add multiple ads with the same content or meaning
  12. Add ads in categories that aren’t related to ad content does not guarantee the credibility, accuracy of the information published by users or does not guarantee any opinion expressed by users.
If requested by a user, the company can investigate and verify the allegations in the moderation process and decide whether that information should be removed. Please use the moderator’s notification option for any information you find suspicious, illegal, defamatory on this site. may take action or measures against the user or against the information recorded by him. By introducing the material in any public or private segment of the site you guarantee the company the continuous, irrevocable right (including moral rights) and the license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute or communicate the content in public (in in whole or in part), on an international scale or to incorporate it in other works of any form, in the media or in technology known or to be developed in the future. Also, allow anyone who is a subscriber to access, view, store or reproduce such material for personal use. Subject to the foregoing, the owner of such material published on the site retains any rights that may arise from it.
We appreciate our customers’ messages and welcome your feedback on our services. Please note that our policy does not allow us to always accept or take into account creative ideas, suggestions, inventions or materials other than those expressly requested by us.

Use of materials authorizes you to view and download a copy of the materials on the Site for your personal, non-commercial use only. The content, texts, graphics, photos, software and other materials are protected by copyright law no. 8/1996, Government Emergency Ordinance 123/2005 and law 329/2006. The entire material is the property of Cantical Systems SRL, the content of this website is the exclusive right of the company, as protected by applicable laws. Unauthorized use of the material is a violation of copyright or other laws. You may not sell or modify the material, display it publicly, distribute it, or use it in any other way, for public or commercial purposes. The information is stored on the servers belonging to the Company, the access of any unauthorized user is prohibited. In case of attempt and / or access, without right, of these servers, the deed constitutes a crime and is punished according to the Romanian legislation in force.

Ownership of materials and information entered on the website will not claim ownership of the materials you provide to the company (including comments and suggestions) or that you post, upload or send. However, by submitting these materials, you agree to grant permission to use the materials including: copying, distributing, transmitting, publishing, reproducing, modifying and translating; mention your name in connection with the material you submitted. No compensation will be claimed or granted for the use of the material as set out above. The company has no obligation to post on the site or use in any way the material provided by you; the company also has the right to delete your material at any time and without the need for a reason.

Obligations of has no obligation to control the information provided by the user and available on the site. The material provided by the user may be unpleasant, harmful or inaccurate, may contain typos, the only person responsible for the shape, content or accuracy of the material provided is the user. In the event of a dispute with one or more users, the Company ( is absolved of any liability or compensation (direct or indirect) of any kind and of any nature, known or unknown, arising in any way related to with disputes. also reserves the right to store in the database the advertisements and contact addresses provided by users that it may use for advertising purposes in compliance with the Privacy Policy. Also, the Company ( assumes no responsibility if its services cannot be accessed by users, for an unlimited period of time, for any technical or commercial reasons, it does not offer any guarantee in case any consequences that may arise, caused by the non-functioning of the services, the delay of the services or the security of its applications, except for the data subject to the Privacy Policy. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the form, content or accuracy of the material contained or placed by you on the Site. makes no warranty that:


If any provision of this chapter “Terms & Conditions” is considered invalid by the competent legal forums, the invalidity of such a provision will not affect the validity of the other provisions of the “Terms & Conditions”, which remain in force. These “Terms & Conditions” constitute an entire agreement between you and Cantical Systems SRL regarding the use of the website, constituting the sole agreement between you and the company and regulating your use of the services offered by
These conditions may be changed by us at certain intervals, without prior notice or acceptance by users. You can read the latest version of these terms at any time by accessing this page.
The regulation and the relations between users and will be governed by the laws applicable in Romania.


All civil and criminal liability for the information published and / or transmitted on the Internet by the user, as well as for the consequences that may arise as a result of these activities, rests exclusively with the user.

Conclusion of the agreement

Cantical Systems SRL, reserves the right to cease providing its services to any user, if it has violated one of the conditions mentioned above. At the limit, it reserves the right to cease providing its services at any time.

Protection of Personal Data

The company complied with the provisions of European Regulation no. 679 of 27 April 2016 on data protection (“GDPR”) – entered into force on 25.05.2018, as well as the provisions of Law no. 190/2018 on measures for the implementation of the Regulation, adopted by the Romanian Parliament. For your information on the protection of personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Annex Prices:

The price list on for paid ads can be found in the Tariff Plans section

  • CantiCal may change the prices for Promoting Ads as well as for Publishing Paid Ads. Price changes will be announced by providing a price list that can be accessed via the Internet.
  • Payment can be made with Card online
  • Payment is made at the exchange rate set by the card payment provider, it is the one communicated by the BNR from the day before the payment.

For payment by credit / debit card it is necessary to fill in the form to create an ad by the User. After completing all the required data and information, the form is forwarded to the online card payment service, on the web page to which the user will be redirected