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Rentals for everyone!

The rental category offers rental services for various properties or things. Rental services offer you multiple options. You can rent an apartment or a car from any locality. And you can rent the equipment you need right now. You can search among the following rental services:

Rental apartments, cottages, offices and industrial spaces

Maybe you moved to another city and need a rent. Or maybe you are on a vacation and need to rent an apartment. Or you are looking for an office for you and your employees. You might want a place to work or store your products and merchandise. Because we care about these aspects of your life, we have all the suppliers you need right here.

Rental cars

Whether you want to rent a car for tourism purposes, or for professional purposes, you can find what you need with us. Depending on the desired car model, and depending on the city where you want to rent, the price varies. Limousines can also be rented for entertainment and special events. And motorhomes are an increasingly rented car model. Because some of you are looking for various sports, we are here to help you. 

Rental of equipment and machines

Renting machinery and equipment is essential for everyday life. If you are building a house or making changes to the old one, look for suppliers who rent excavators. Or maybe you need a crane or a dumper. And if you need to rent a motor boat, this category is also your solution.

Different rentals

We also include in this category the rental of ATVs, crossbars, motorcycles,  etc. Various rentals include everything that means rented items, or mini appliances. Such as drones, hookahs, bicycles.