The category of confections includes garments made of various materials.

Metal confections

Metal constructions for pressure vessels or boilers are made of thick sheet metal. The thin sheet has flexibility features and can be used for any industry you need. You can also find galvanized steel plates in the category of metallic clothing. The galvanized sheet is helpful in many ways. But it is best if you want to cover it with paint. Because it is hard and has the right finish for the paint. Suppliers are willing to accept your orders for any type of model, thickness, height. You also need to consider what kind of cutting you want. Metal constructions can be cut either classically, either by plasma jet or by numerical control (CNC).

Glass confections

Glass confections give you sandblasted glass. As an alternative to normal tiles, you have colored glass cladding. This type brings you a much more modern look. You can also place orders for glass garments for shower cabins. Or you can opt for glass partitions and decorative mirrors. You can even make glass doors to order. Also for a modern look, you can have glass furniture. And for the interior or exterior of houses, you can have glass railings.

Wood confections

For wooden garments you must know that they are usually larger. But it’s not necessarily. You can order wooden houses, gazebos and pavilions here. In smaller sizes, you can order wooden tables, wooden chairs or wooden gates. But of course you can also customize your orders.

Textile confections

At textile garments you usually find tailoring. You can change your clothes or materials to your liking. But also according to the sizes you want. You can even place custom orders. Even orders for plastic objects are accepted. As an example, you can order plastic pools for the sizes you want. The price varies depending on the dimensions you ask for. But also depending on the complexity of the pieces.