The category of coffee suppliers includes companies that offer both coffee espresso machines and vending machines.

The devices offer customers different types of coffee, such as: tchibo, eduscho, Lavazza, Paduri Solo Caffe. These usually come from Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Costa Rica. These are some of the best known areas for high quality coffee production.

Prices for this type of service differ depending on the number of coffees consumed in a day in your company. Also, the difference can be established depending on the areas where this type of service is offered and the city. Most companies that provide this type of service offer you maintenance and assistance in situations where it is necessary.

These coffee suppliers offer you a training training. Everything before you rent or buy the device. And I do this so that you and your employees understand all the features of the device and the steps required to use it. Some coffee machines for rent are: Saeco, Tchibo, Heinner, Nespresso, De’Longhi, Philips. Each of them has different peculiarities. For example, Saeco has 4 types of coffee: cappuccino, caffe latte, latte macchiato and espresso. Tchibo has espresso, cream coffee, filtered coffee and tea. Philips devices differ in the model and number of specialties they offer.

They have two models of milk frothing and all have an AquaClean water filter. You have two options. So you can choose to use coffee beans. Or you can choose to use capsules. You have to decide on the features you prefer: automatic disconnection, built-in grinder, stand by mode, anti-drip system.