General cleaning

Suppliers provide you with general and maintenance cleaning. You can also choose cleaning services by manufacturer. Or you can choose to brush the carpets and wash the windows. These services are intended for you if you are looking to clean houses, gardens, green spaces, blocks of flats, industrial spaces, etc. Because we know that you also want general cleaning, the suppliers offer you this service for office, house or apartment. It is done about once a month. In this service you will find wiping spider webs, chair legs, furniture dust. At the same time, it includes mechanized washing of floors and carpets, windows, frames and sills.

Maintenance cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is different. It is done several times a week. So your floors will be washed and the furniture will be wiped. In addition, rubbish bins are emptied, terraces or stairs at the entrance are swept away. Also in this service you will have included the disinfection of the floors. And here you are also offered the cleaning and disinfection of toilets, the cleaning of mirrors. If you need cleaning according to the builder, you have come to the right place. In addition to the usual services (floors, windows), there is also removing traces of paint and access doors.

Gardens and green spaces

If you want your gardens and green spaces to be perfect, you have to consider a few aspects. For example, suppliers need to have more complex equipment. And here you can also find utilitarian climbing. Here you can opt for cleaning and maintenance of glazed facades. Or you can choose the rehabilitation and painting of civil or industrial buildings.

Whether you want a shiny house or office. Or do you want a clean hall or garden, you have a choice. The suppliers are differentiated first of all by the established tariffs and the offers they make available to you. The second criterion for differentiation is that of the products used. The third criterion is that of the equipment used to achieve the your wishes.

Compare suppliers and find the one that is best for you.