Catering services are diverse and differ depending on location and event. Thus, the catering services address corporate events, private parties, weddings, baptisms. The events also include themed parties, memorials and name days.

Catering providers offer you a variety of food offerings. Plates are quite popular when it comes to catering services. These are presented on various topics. Among the most famous plates are the office plate, the bistro plate and the Italian plate. If you wish you can also opt for the cheese platter or the traditional platter, or a personalized platter. Payments are usually intended for groups of 4 or more people.

Brunch menus differ from plateaus in ingredients and themes. They are also in high demand, and can be easily customized. They usually weigh a few hundred grams. And also differs in price, depending on weight and ingredients.

Menus for larger events include more diverse menus. They usually include hot snacks and cold snacks. A Swedish buffet begins, followed by preferential menus. You can request separate menus for children or you can opt for the open bar.

During the events, the catering companies offer you their own materials. All cutlery, plates, napkins and glasses are part of the offer. Guests can also request a candy bar at special events. The menu of the day is still one of the catering services offered by companies. Menus can be delivered to the address or picked up from the customer’s premises. For personalized offers, you need to ask the supplier directly.