Elderly care is a category that is allocated to services for the elderly who need help. Providers divided the offers into three types of services.

Daily activities

The first type refers to the provision of help for basic daily activities for parents, grandparents or relatives. Here you can find personal hygiene that includes washing your body, teeth or dentures. And you will also find nail cutting, combing and shaving. You should know that the specially trained staff will take care of the daily dressing and undressing of the elderly. The suppliers include in your offers the bathroom, of course. The bathrooms where the bath will be taken will be disinfected. Both before and after.
You don’t have to worry about daily meals either. Both food and hydration will benefit your loved ones. Mobilization also includes daily activities. Your loved ones are helped to exercise or change their position in bed if they are immobilized in bed. And most importantly, they will always have someone to talk to.

Complementary daily activities

In the second type you can find complementary daily activities. So you will find here the necessary cooking and shopping, but also housework. Your loved ones can be accompanied even on trips abroad. And in public transport when needed. Or even at public institutions.
Are you worried about their finances? Don’t be anymore. Assistants can also advise them financially. Your loved ones will be helped to keep in touch with the family doctor. And even help them buy their medications, and stick to treatments. Seniors are also accompanied in leisure activities.

Personalized activities

Do your parents, grandparents or relatives need help?
We are here to help you. So choose from the offers of experienced growers. Care for the elderly can take place in the country or abroad, at home or at the center.