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The beauty category suits you if you are looking for services to remodel or improve your physical appearance.


You can find here salons that deal with the thought and painting of the eyebrows. And also for the face is used the epilation of the beard and the mustache. Because eyelashes are in high demand, you can look for such salons. Dealing with the application of 1D, 2D, 3D lashes, or any other size. However, if you want to laminate your lashes or eyebrows, you have multiple options.

For facial regeneration and a brighter look, suppliers suggest micro derma abrasion. And for a more neat look, you are recommended facial treatments and facial masks.


Hair salons include various services. Maybe you want to dye your hair. Or just shorten it. Or maybe you want to arrange your hair for an event. May be you want a simple hair treatment.


Because we know how important manicure and pedicure are, we offer you a whole list of suppliers. Even if you want gel, or semi-permanent nail polish, you have a choice. Or if you want a French or slim manicure, you should also look here.


The most common service of beauty salons is epilation. You can opt for a simple epilation, or for a permanent one with IPL.

For various purposes, a wide range of body massages is offered. And we include here as an example the therapeutic massages and the anti-cellulite massages.

Wraps are the perfect solution if you want a more hydrated and healthier skin. And as an example we have packaging with chocolate or honey. You can also reshape your body with newer methods. By cryolipolysis or electrolipolysis, followed by lymphatic drai

nage or vaculism.

Man beauty

Beauty salons also refer to the male part. So if you’re looking for a barber shop, you’ve come to the right place. Or if you need a hair implant, here you can find the perfect supplier. Or even if you want to cut and dye your beard, you have multiple options.