Auto services fall into three broad categories.

First of all, we have the mechanical part that deals with the repair of car parts. The electrical and electronic part of the car’s built-in systems. Finally we have the last part that deals with appearance and body.

Mechanical part

If you have problems with braking systems, you should look for suppliers in the category of mechanical services. Also the gearbox repairs are also related to the mechanical part of the car category. Adjusting the headlights and the wheels, are common problems in the car area. Changing the oil and checking the antifreeze are necessary actions for any car. So search here whenever you need.

Electronic part

The electronic part is based on all services electrical and electronic systems. Computer diagnostics is an expensive but necessary service for identifying machine malfunctions. Maybe you need the diagnosis of air conditioning systems. This is intended to provide information about the car’s air conditioning mechanism and its condition. Parking system diagnostic services is very important too. This is examing the accuracy of the sensors when the car is parked.

Another important part of the car category refers to the installation of audible alarms on cars. Suppliers may also provide services for the installation and calibration of speed limiters. Or the installation and calibration of tachographs.

Appearance and body

The body and appearance of the car include the painting of the bodywork or parts. Also the reconditioning of the headlights. It also includes body polish, headlight polish, tinsmithing, body welding.

The car category also includes periodic technical inspection stations (ITPs) that assess the degree of safety that a car offers.