In this category of animal beauty you can find providers who want to attract pet owners.

There are also suppliers who provide the necessary services for the physical appearance of your animals, such as nail clippers or various hairstyles. The price of the services may differ depending on the size of the animals. The animal size categories are divided into small sizes, then medium sizes, and finally large or very large. The price is proportional to the size of the animal.

Providers offer you standard, premium and VIP service packages for your pets. In addition, they offer you cosmetic packages and you can opt for hygienic packages or simple packages. The price may also vary depending on the condition of the your animal. If it is agitated or aggressive it is more expensive. For pets, offers include hair cutting and fur untangling, as well as regular services. The medical bath, cushion cleaning and the treatment are also very important.

Animal beauty contains other services, so treatment masks for animals with fur problems are a good option. Your animals can benefit from ear cleaning and eye cleaning. Because there are problems with the smell of the mouth, we suggest refreshing your animal breath for an extra price. Dyeing your animal hair or fur, shaving your paw are options that you may look for. For an intense shine of the hair you can opt for a special perfume finish.

Also in the category of animal beauty, companies can also present their clothing and accessories for animals. A fairly new service on the market is pet meetings. Where customers’ dogs can find their half. A few extra fees are added for dogs with flea or parasites.